Gluten-free almond cookie with raw chocolate


This supercookie is filled with luxurious raw chocolate

Delicious almond cookies with raw chocolate has 50% reduced sugar, and enriched with prebiotic inulin.

Our digestive system, the microbiome, loves fiber. These high-fiber cookies contain 10g per 100g, whereas daily need is 25g.

Additionally these cookies are a source of iron, with 3 mg of iron per 100g, it makes 21% of your daily recommended intake. Iron helps reduce tiredness and exhaustion.

Handmade in Estonia

Nettweight: 200g

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Ingredients: almond (22%), rice flour, raw chocolate (15%), egg, butter, whole cane sugar, potato starch, inulin, rapeseed oil, baking powder (maize starch, potassium tartrate raising agent, baking soda), vanilla, salt.

Allergens: almond, raw chocolate, egg, butter

Free from gluten, preservatives, trans fats, palm oil

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